Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Reality Revolution!

Thanks to one of my producers for stumbling across this article on reality shows and passing it along!

The Reality Revolution
It's a quick read and filled with thought-provoking ideas.

I generally mock 90% of the reality shows and actually have called them a "fad".  Yet, I must admit that their popularity (and influence) cannot be denied.  It feels like a new reality show is popping up everyday.  My big take-away... viewers are desperate for seemingly 'authentic' content.  Gone are the days of laugh tracks and formula-based sitcoms and soaps.  Just as Facebook, Twitter and other social sites have revolutionized our world by providing unlimited, customized and 'authentic' content at the click of a button, reality shows are doing the same.  We have an evolving appetite for 'authentic' entertainment and while some might argue reality shows to be the "cheap all-you can eat buffet meal" - America is gobbling it up.

SIDE NOTE: 'Authentic' - I feel needs to be in constant quotes because I wonder if it really exists anymore.  

Keep a close eye on how reality shows evolve over the next 8 months because they will have a great impact on how we market to consumers and maintain healthy brands in a culture that seems less and less loyal to any brand.

Currently, I'm working on a reality show,  I'm creating the content and the machine.  Will it be the groundbreaking show that I envision?  I hope and then again... most shows can be fixed with big hair, tanned abs and a little yelling so we can always make it work, right?

Stay tuned.

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