Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Legal Zoom/Shoe Stylings - DR Radio Rocks

Here is a subject near and dear to my heart   SHOE OF-THE-MONTH-CLUB! 

Perhaps you missed the recent Press Release released in PRWeek. From the September 01, 2009 Issue of PRWeek   Check it out!

Here are the basics:
Robert Shapiro from LegalZoom.com teams up with Fashionista Kim Kardashian to launch a shoe-of-the-month club!  For $39.95 a month, Kim and her team of stylists hand pick a shoe for you and send it out with free shipping.  It's a very appealing idea especially when you see the site and the shoes!

This $100K e-commerce test launch has already shipped about 1000 pairs and they are increasing membership about 20% each month! 

How did they do it? 
A massive radio and press interview tour nationwide coupled with updates on Facebook and Twitter pages to help build word of mouth.  Just another example on how traditional radio is feeding new world social media.  Additional media inludes spots on E!'s Daily 10, Extra, the TV Guide Channel's The Fashion Team, People.com, as well as the aforementioned 30-plus radio interviews. Facebook page membership has grown to 1,300 fans.

This is a bit of a departure from Legalzoom.com - or is it really?  Legalzoom.com, Robert Shapiro's other great DR hit, has been utilizing the power of radio for months.  A major difference in the strategy, aside from STAR power of Kim, is the use of Outdoor advertising instead of Social Media.  Legalzoom.com recently employed the use of outdoor billborads to increase their brand awareness and radio response rate.  Initial results seem to show a 3% lift!

What I love is that in both ventures Robert Shapiro has used one of the oldest forms of advertising to sell some very modern products - spot radio!  Now more than ever spot radio is delivering the audience you need to convert into sales.  The main reason is that it is so flexible and can be supported in so many ways - from billboards to banner ads.  Both of these products are internet based services - no store fronts - but they are using non-internet based mediums to doing the heavy DR lifting.  This is another testiment to why you should be looking at low-cost radio campaigns to test and roll out your next product.

And to answer your obvious nagging question: I am not a member of ShoeDazzle.com (yet).  I anticipate that the majortiy of the shoes at that price are pleather or "leather-like uppers" which are not my traditional choices for foot gear.  However, for the budding fashionista I can see this as a great club to join.

Ask me about how to incorporate spot radio with your existing campaings!

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