Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remember Sales Basics When Managing Your Call Center Script!

Here are a few notes to remind us all of what we already know is true!

Many of you send calls to a call center where you hope that Live agents answer the phone and "Nail-the-Sale".  You hope this because generally a Live agent can sell MORE per call than an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)- and that's what you want - MORE REVENUE PER CALL.  So, let's look at some basic selling techniques we all know - but may have forgotten.

We know that personality will improve your sales performance: People like to do business with people they like. DOES your sales script have personality?  DO your phone reps like your product.  There are a few tricks to make both of these answers YES.

You've heard the terms 'expectant attitudes achieve excellent results'. 'Think positive.'  'Expect to make the sale.'  'Weasel words are a waste. Don't beg (weasel) for a sale!'  DID you know that many front-end offers set your telemarketer up to BEG for a sale from your customers.  The LIVE agent may read the script verbatim but will lose out on the sale most of the time IF the offer sets up the BEG!  Begging offsets great call response many times.

'Consistent calls create consistent cash: Take and make more calls. Stay in your seat longer.'  Many marketers send too few calls to a call center when testing LIVE agents and settle for less than optimized performance at the IVR level because they are afraid to lose money on agents that aren't up to par.  Building a sales team extension of your company may "hurt a little" the first few weeks but a little stamina on your part should lead to "Consistent calls create consistent cash!"  Try not too spend more testing media on your product and less on your LIVE agent center.

'Making decisions makes dough.' Decisions are emotional, so sometimes it is tough for your customers to make the decision to buy your products or services. Remember that a LIVE agent can do what an IVR cannot - think on their feet!  Use this aspect of the LIVE agent and make sure you don't give away all the goodies in your commercial.  Customers are calling in because they had an emotional response to your ad.  Give your LIVE agent one surprise bonus that the can use in the sales script to keep that emotion going on the sales call - this pushes average close rate numbers over the top!

Have you heard the phrase: 'Three times scores three points!'  In a LIVE agent sales center you can put this phrase to good use - especially in boutique shops.  The initial call in to the LIVE agent (1X) with you ideal script pitch, a manager's special for No Sale customers to be pitched within 1/2 hour of the initial pitch (2X) and a Free Sample / Catalog / Video that can be use to set-up an outbound call shortly after (3X).  More and more I am seeing marketers capture only an email address and then later send their NO SALES customers an email.  In my opinion, you didn't use your Inbound Sales Script to the fullest in this case.

If you have a sales script that is 'floundering' call me at Synergixx and I'll show you how to reel in sales gold with it!

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