Thursday, January 14, 2010

Check Out This Narly Video! And Join Me in NOLA!

On February 1st the Electronic Retailing Association descends on New Orleans and hundreds of direct marketers from all over the world will spread like a virus through the city.  On the 3rd at 4:30p many savvy direct marketers will gather in one room to hear a discussion called    Viral Marketing: Real World Word-of-Mouth Tactics ( at which I will moderate a great panel of experts.  The purpose?  How do we sell more product using viral marketing techniques?

While I won't ruin the surprises we have in store for those attending I will share an example of viral marketing that provides insight into the topics we will cover.  Please watch this video for a 1:38 and then read below: Guy Has Glasses Tattooed On His Face

I'm sure watching the video was no where near as painful as getting that tattoo but I winced the whole way through anyway.  This video is only one of RayBan, as in the popular brand of sunglasses, newest video releases.  Some might say that with 4.5 million views on YouTube alone it is the most successful to date for RayBan.  Even though not all of RayBan’s videos were this big of a hit; “The Kiss”, “Human Zoo” and “Streaker” for example, RayBan is text book example of how online video can reach millions.

Did they sell any sunglasses?  No one has the real answer because without an 800# or unique URL the effect is sales are hard to pinpoint.  But I'd be willing to bet they sold at least 5 pairs of $100 RayBan sunglasses.  (Conservatively:  4,500,000 views X .001 click to video rate X .001 purchase rate).  And we haven't considered yet that the video was uploaded to more video portals than just YouTube so my conservative math is just way too conservative.

  1. Did the video increase the brand recognition?
  2. Did the video have the same effect as a :30 or :60 second TV video?
  3. Did the video reach an entirely new audience that traditional advertising would never hit?
  4. What is the life-span of the effect, if any, this video had on RayBan customers, existing or potential? 

Here is what we do know!  RayBan online video viral marketing has a sort-of-WTF feel to it.  So, you know you have to pass this type of video onto at least 3 of your friends, if not post to your Facebook page.  You know they will make the same faces you did while watching the video so how can you resist passing this along?  Go ahead, pass this viral video along - I'll wait...

...Then join me in New Orleans for answers to the questions I just posed.  And as a free bonus, if you're sitting in the audience you'll get a special tool that "cures out of control viral marketing".

See you there!

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