Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog Disasters to Dating Dynamite!

Meet Indie and Pino, my Boxer and Bulldog. Indie was my "perfect child" for over 2 years when I decided to get her a sister. Enter Pino. After doing zero research I fell in love with her coffee stained face and she came home with me. Little did I know that as she grew to 75 pounds and ate everything in my house she would also turn my perfect little angle Indie into an accomplice. Things were bad so I called the local Dog Whisperer, trained by Ceasar himself. She would fix everything I was convinced. In the first hour she had identified the problem - me! I am a terrible pack leader! And as she began to tell me all the things I was doing wrong I began to feel like I was getting advise on how to improve my relationships: "don't give away affection for free", "demand respect and set boundaries", "never walk the dog in heels". FAST FORWARD> I am now working on developing an online subscription service that will allow people to learn how to Eliminate Dog Disasters and it will double as a How To Improve Your Love Life, and triple as How To Finally Get Control Over Your Problem Child. Using online videos and various offline materials we are creating different ways to serve up the same psychology for training pack animals and making it applicable to achieving success in your personal relationships too! This is a perfect example of 'when life gives you a lemon-make lemonade'. My doggie disasters lead to a creative spark that just may be.... As this develops I'll keep you posted but for now visit

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